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Product Description

If you want to know how rawhides are made, Google it. Just don't try that after you have had dinner, but suffice it to say that using lime, bleach and hydrogen peroxide is the nicer part of the process. 

Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, are a low fat treat and packed with plenty of Vitamin A, C, Iron, B6, Beta Carotene and Antioxidants.  It made sense to us to start making chews with the good stuff and not things we would use to do our laundry. That’s when the idea for Sweet PAWtatos was born. 

Our Sweet PAWtato Chews start and end with 100% Sweet potatoes. No coloring, no additives, no preservatives. They are homemade, hand-prepped, peeled (potato skins are bad for dogs*)  and dried to produce a chew that is not only better for your pup, but really tasty.  



Why do we take the time to peel our  Sweet PAWtato Chews when other don't? Regular potato skins contain soline - which is really dangerous for your dog. Sweet potatoes are from another family of plant entirely but both regular and sweet potatoes contain  oxalates. Oxalates are naturally occurring compounds that are very bad for your dogs digestive health causing problems like kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract issues and even nervous system problems. You can greatly reduce the oxalates in the treat by pealing or boiling the potato and throwing away the water. However, boiling will draw our much of the good stuff you want - so we choose to take the time to peal ours. 


Ingredients: Sweet Potato

Size : 4oz


Guaranteed Analysis:Minimum Crude Protein       7.20%
Minimum Crude Fat            0.40%
Maximum Crude Fiber         4.50%
Maximum Moisture            12.80%



Sweet Potato - Idle Paws Dog Treats

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