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Consignment Details

Handmade Art Studios & Store is a community of Artisans working together to each others small businesses. 


We offer consignment to artisans that make a unique & well made products. The consignment fee covers credit card fees, sales taxes, marketing, bags, website store and social media marketing. 

We do not accept walk in solicitations. All requests must be completed online. 


When considering an artisan for our store we consider numerous things and not just the product. Here are some of the things we consider,

  • What is the product & overall craftsmanship

  • Is the product ready for market

  • Is the product marketable

  • The price of the products

  • What kind of following or social media presence does the artisan have. 

  • Is the product offered in other stores in the area

  • Does the product compete with other products in the store

  • Does product complement the stores overall atmosphere

  • Artisans must have a Website, Business Facebook or Instagram page. 

  • All areas of application must be filled out fully and detailed to be considered.

  • Must have an EIN, Sales Tax ID or State Business Certificate.   

Artisan Application for Consignment
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